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Rug Sizes Chart
Rug Sizes Chart
Our rugs are based on International sizing, which measures the rug from the front of the chest fitting to the back.   With the new designs (which have higher neck cuts for superior fit), it is recommended that you order sizes as listed to avoid fitting problems.

If you do not have an existing rug to measure, you can measure your horse.  The measurement should be taken from the centre of the animal's chest (where the front of the rug would meet), around the shoulder and along the side of the horse in a continuous straight line to the point level with the top of the tail.

All of Valley Country's rugs are sized in graduations of 3 inches.  Opposite is a general guide of sizes, but this can vary depending on the breed of the horse and its individual conformation. Valley Country can offer specific advice regarding the best fit for your horse.

New Zealand Customers should note that these sizings are different to what you are used to.  To convert NZ sizings to International sizings, add 1'3" to the sizings that you are used to.  For example, if you usually use a NZ size 5'0", you will need a 6'3" International size (as per the table).

Indicative Rug Sizes

Height of Horse
in Hands

Rug Size

Rug Size
 9hh & Under 4'0" 122cm
 9.2 - 10.0hh 4'3" 130cm
10.0 - 11.2hh 4'6" 137cm
11.2 - 12.0hh 4'9" 145cm
12.0 - 13.0hh 5'0" 152cm
13.0 - 14.0hh 5'3" 160cm
14.0 - 14.2hh 5'6" 168cm
14.2 - 15.0hh 5'9" 175cm
15.0 - 15.2hh 6'0" 183cm
15.2 - 16.0hh 6'3" 190cm
16.0 - 16.2hh 6'6" 198cm
16.2hh & Over 6'9" 206cm

Measuring your Horse

The most critical measurement is length - measure from the centre of the horse's chest to the back of the rump (directly down from the dock of the tail).

Second, measure from wither to dock.

And for the neck, measure from the front of the wither (where you want the top of the rug to start) down the shoulder to a point level with the top of chest (where you want the front of the rug to come up to).  Ideally, you should also measure the diagonal between these two lines, to indicate how open the neckline should be.

There are two other factors - the horse's height in hands and its type (eg. Warmblood, solid, fine, thoroughbred, etc).  Also, do you expect the horse to grow any more?

Click here for a larger view of the diagram.


Caring for your Rug

A horse rug is like any other item of clothing - if it is removed when it is still wet or damp, it should be hung up in a dry, well ventilated area.

Occasionally, in heavy rain, some moisture penetration may occur in the sewn areas of the rug.   This is not significant and due to the positioning of the stitching (particularly on seamless rugs) will not affect the rug's performance.

The canvas rugs from Zilco are sewn using a specially developed cotton covered nylon thread.  This is designed to swell when wet to completely fill the stitch holes.  Occasionally, in heavy rain, some moisture penetration may occur.

Cleaning should be carried out by hanging the rug over a clothes line and washing with cold water.  DO NOT SCRUB or wash with detergents.  This can damage the waterproofing.

Always follow directions as they appear on the rug's labelling.

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